Sunday, July 31, 2011

S X A Stickers


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pat's BBQ on the North Shore Winter 2009

As you can tell by the date I've been sitting on these photos for quite a while. Pat held his yearly bbq at his place at Ehukai Beach Park. The surf was ridiculously big and the weather was picture perfect. Pat's place had a pool, a deck which you could see from Rocky Point all the way down to Log Cabins and a gateway straight down to the beach. As usual Pat's whose who cast of friends were also in attendance. This was one of those days where you wish could happen more often. North Shore + beach house + bbq + friends + fam + great weather + cooler full of cold beverages = SHAKAS X ALOHAS!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kenny's 1 Year Anniversary Memorial BBQ

This past Saturday July 23rd was the 1 year anniversary memorial BBQ for Kenny Brimer. The festivities were held at Ft. DeRussy Beach in Waikiki. It's hard to believe that it's been 1 year since the passing of our dear friend Kenny. Lillie Brown (Kenny's fiance') chose this location because this is where Kenny and all of his homies would come to bbq, and hangout. Alot of those same friends once again showed up to celebrate Kenny's life and trade stories about their time with him. There were multiple BBQ's going within the party and all different types of ono grinds were on the menu. Carlyon brought a spicy handmade thai sausage and some marinated shrimp that was insanely good. Rene had his grill on full tilt next to mine with some steak, chicken, and other assorted meats. Not quite sure what he had going over there but it looked good! On my end I had a cooler of ice cold beer to tend to and moms secret recipe of Chammoro marinated chicken along with some steaks and Mays teri burgers. Unfortunately I never got to make it to the serving table to partake in all the good food due to all the activity going on around us. There were alot of friends I haven't seen in a long time and some who traveled from abroad. Mostly everybody had there ohana there with them which really made it a special occasion. Not too often you see all of the homies outside of the skatepark or a night out on the town so this was definitely something refreshing. I'd like to send out a big mahalo to Lillie Brown and her ohana for inviting us to be a part of Kenny's celebration. It was goodtimes and we really should get together more often. I know Kenny was definitely smiling down knowing that all of his friends and fam were there for him and celebrating his life the way that he would've wanted it to be. Aloha brother Kenny!