Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Project: HRDLCK / SXA Coozies!

A couple of months ago my friend Jensen Oda from HRDLCK Hawaii hit me up with the idea of doing a project together. We weren't quite sure on what to do so he started to sketch some rough ideas out on a notepad at work. When he shot me over the rough sketch I thought he nailed it. He's big time into surfing and myself into BBQ'n. We both like to ride and suck em up as well. He wasn't sure of the artwork at first because he doesn't consider himself an artsist but I thought it came out pretty rad. Besides we are doing a D.I.Y. project and this fits the whole idea of what we're doing right! So tonight I printed up a small run of coozies just to get things going and it came out not bad! As a matter of fact it came out pretty rad! Stoked to be able to do these fun projects like this with good friends like Jensen!
Tonight is hot and muggy and these lights ain't helping things out!

In the make shift oven!

Not bad for a D.I.Y. project! Original artwork by Jensen Oda / HRDLCK Hawaii

Had to test it out right away! In all honesty I haven't had a cold one in awhile but after my owner had me doing all her vehichle maintenance today I figured I deserved one or two or three!

Insta Love!

I'm always humbled and stoked to see friends and supporters of Shakas and Alohas post pics on their Instagram. If you have any photos with SXA stuff email me a photo at or just tag me on Instagram at @shakasxalohas and I will repost on here. As always I appreciate everyone's support, it really motivates me to keep doing what I'm doing with Shakas and Alohas. Aloha- Rod Chmolack
Tsuyoshi Nishiyama from FELEM SKATES!

Jah Ryan from Kapolei!

Support FELEM SKATES in Japan! They're the only other place that you can get Shakas and Alohas product aside from my BLOG! Mahalo Tsuyoshi for all that you do!

El Yeti Mike Mc Donald!

Len Higa of Onimotorworks!

Cory Takata and custom shaped Korpse Surfboard!

Rhandy Tambio and friends at The Pike in the LBC!

This one is of my nephew Marlon Warren II aka "Peanut" while Puerto Rico!

LBC Jen!

Brawny at Born Free 5!


Braxton Olita from Ewa Beach!

Mark Oblow's Studio 35!

Nick's patio in the LBC!

Baby Brixton Ramones and Daddy Dys!


Robby Adams from Hurley!

Russ Pope!

Noah Doak's photo of Bobo Kuamo'o! Two rippers!

My favorite farmer, "Farmer Sash" photo of  her ohana Nelson and Nalu Kanno! Can't wait to see these guys later this year!