Monday, February 25, 2013

SXA / Felem / Death Machine BBQ

Our friend Tsuyoshi from Felem Skates and his crew were in Hawaii for a lil vacation. We lucked out and got decent enough weather to BBQ at Kapolei. The weather was surprisingly cool even by the Japanese standard and they came from snowy weather in Japan. Regardless they had a good time skating with Kyle, Dyson, Dennis, Sancho, and G.O. Mission accomplished for our Japanese friends they got to skate a pool with G.O. In the morning and then BBQ and shred with the boys!

The FELEM CREW ready to kill it!

Gary Owens strapping up but not before first checking out the SXA BBQ! Braddah can grind!

FELEM CREW getting their SXA BBQ grind on!

Small kine burnt but no matter everyone went grind em all!

Kapolei Kidney Crusher

Kyle Yanagimoto, Tsuyoshi Nishiyama, and Gary Owens

Tuesday, February 19, 2013