Monday, July 29, 2013

SXA Backyard BBQ at Farm Lot 59

Mahalo to Sasha Kanno and her family Nelson and Nalu for letting us participate in her BBQ at her farm in Long Beach. Most of our friends who live in LB who are from Hawaii as well as a few of us who were in town got together to do a Potluck Style BBQ and talk story. The bbq was amazing with all kine dishes from Sasha's farm as well as everything that everyone us brought. Sasha grows organic fruits and veggies as well as raises chickens. She also has a store on the farm you can purchase the produce grown there. Pay her a visit and support local farmers!

Farm Lot 59
2714 California Ave.
Long Beach, CA. 90807

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where's Marsh?

We had a BBQ for Marsh at the Mililani Skatepark but he didn't show up. Go figure?

Busy around the SXA Studio

July has been a pretty busy month here at the SXA Studio in Mililani, Hawaii. I got to spend time with my dad who was visiting from Alabama. Pops got in on the print action! Braddah Dyson also stopped by and helped out and even managed to screen a few onesies for his soon to be born son Brixton! I'm stoked to be able to share the process of making goods with people I care about and sharing it with people that appreciate it! If you've visited this blog or purchased some of the tees we print here at the SXA Studio in Mililani, Hawaii, I thank you very much and appreciate all your support!

Friday, July 19, 2013

SXA Backyard BBQ at White Plains

It's been a long time since SXA has had a BBQ at the beach. All that changed this past weekend because my pops was in town and he wanted to celebrate my nephew, niece, and my 2 kids birthday. That was a more than good enough reason for more to fire up the grill at the beach!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

BBQ at Brawny Built Shop

     I blew this one as far as capturing how rad this BBQ was. The day after BF5 Brawny had a BBQ at his shop in Long Beach for all his friends that supported him throughout his BF5 build. Marco from Mach Modified brought some make shark that he caught all the way from New York! You would've figured it would've been tough but it was really tender and oh so good! Dave Park brought some korean marinated short rib up from San Diego. Again that was also amazing. A lot more meat on the short rib than I'm use to seeing in Hawaii. Jose was frying up some tripas (intestines) for some tacos and I gotta tell you that was also really good! Who would've thought! Aside from the BBQ I got to meat some pretty rad friends of Brawny's who I only see whenever I'm browsing on the interweb. This was definitely one of the raddest BBQ's I've been to and I really wish I would've took the time out to snap some pics but the beer was flowin', the grill was hot, and there was a lot of good stories being shared with the good people that were there!

                                                       Brawny grillin' some mako shark!

                                                              BBQ's and motorsickles!
                                Our crew keeping cool in the shade of the Brawny Built Garage!

                                      Brawny's Born Free 5 Sportster is so rad it's ridiculous!