Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SXA Backyard BBQ Sanya

It's amazing how BBQ can be found pretty much anywhere you go around the world. On our trip to Sanya China the SXA crew managed to find the best Backyard BBQ thanks to our friends Terry and Benny from Guangzhou. This place we ended up at was located in the dark alleys behind some houses and down some brick, dirt, and rocky streets. When we arrived there were a bunch of colorful plastic chairs that looked like they were part of a kids play set along with some make shift wooden tables. There was a selection of fresh seafood on display from the nearby fishing village. To place an order all you had to do was point out what which fish, eel, squid or type of seafood you wanted. The lady outside would throw it on the grill on a kabob stick and bring it to you hit off the grill when it was done. Along with the BBQ we had 10 bottles of the local beer. For desert we had pidgeon soup served in a coconut shell. We weren't told of what it was until after we ate it and gave our 2 thumbs up. It tasted like chicken but we were a bit disturbed to find out what it was after we ate it. I must say I wish there we'd more places like this around that make you feel like your at home hangin loose with your friends and fam grinding awesome BBQ all while suckin em up and have a good time!

Monday, December 3, 2012

BBQ with Nelson

Got to hang out and bbq with Nelson and Sasha as well as with braddah Kyle. Nelson was visiting from Long Beach and found some time between his busy schedule to stop by and bbq with Bev and I. As usual good times good food! Awesome fresh greens salad straight from the Kanno's garden too!