Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wuzhen Water Town- Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

While reading, I came across a quote that said that "We are where we are because of who we are at that moment." I'd been to China a couple of times over the past couple years, but didn't particularly care for it. This year however, I opened my mind and just went with it. This trip ended up being an amazing experience and I ended up leaving the place with a new found appreciation for China. I also understood that I was where I was at because of who I was at that moment.

     I'm baaaaack!!! Sorry friends for the long absence. Life happened and I had to do some deep soul searching. With the support of my wonderful family and friends, I'm back and feel better than ever! With that being said, a lot of self change has happened and because of this, future content on these here pages will be a reflection of my present state of mind and where I'm at in life. I appreciate your support and hope that you guys enjoy the new Shakas and Alohas!


                                                           Rodney L. Chmolack

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Arto's with Oblow and Yong-Ki

Arto has the best backyard setup!

Oblow x Kalbi

Mahalo to Oblow and Yong-Ki for the invite as well as to Arto for the hospitality and aloha!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Born Free 5 BBQ with Brawny Built / The Speed Merchant / Onimotorworks

Bev was so excited to be on vacation riding a bike in Long Beach! 

 On the Friday before we were set to BBQ for Brawny at the Born Free 5 show we spent the day exploring the beach front area of Long Beach via bicycles. My girlfriend Bev flew out from Hawaii with me so I wanted to take her on a little sightseeing tour with the help of my childhood friend Mike Mc Donald from El Paso, Texas. Instead of shopping for all the meats and ingredients needed for the BBQ we spent most of the day dilly dallying which pretty much led to a long late night of preparation for the next day. I had all the troops hard at work each doing something different in order to speed up the process. I felt like a dictator barking out orders with beer in hand! Bev, Mike and Alex were great and I definitely couldn't have done this myself. We ended up wrapping up marinating the meats and prepping the rest of the food around 3am.

No more room in the fridge so we had to ice all the meat up in the cooler!

Up early on Saturday with very little sleep, got ready and hit the road to the show. Hot, hot, hot! That's probably the single best word to describe this years Born Free 5 show at Canyon Creek. Regardless of the heat I was very appreciative to have been able to attend the show thanks to one of the raddest local braddahs in Long Beach, Brandon Holstein aka Brawny. He pretty much arranged and set the trip up for me to come out and BBQ at the Brawny Built / The Speed Merchant booth. Regardless of the heat I was stoked to see the people hanging out and stopping by the booth to talk story and grab a bite. Brawny has definitely left a great impression within the custom built motorcycle scene here in So Cal. Along with Brawny, Len Higa of Onimotorworks also a fellow local boy from Hawaii was also invited to this years show. Both of them spent Friday night before the show wrapping up their builds while also prepping to get ready for the show. Click HERE to see more on the Born Free 5 show.

Good braddahs right here! Ryan Kingman and Brawny made the BBQ possible for this years BF5 show. Hopefully everyone was stoked! I can't even begin to thank Brawny enough for all he did for us, all while working on his build for this years show. Hands down winner in my book! Also congrats on 1st place for "Best in Competition"!

Oh yeah and Steve Olson stopped by to sample some SXA BBQ. He wanted to know why the ribs were so pink in color (charsiu)! According to Steve he was stoked on the BBQ! Mahalo Mr. Olson!

Len Higa of Onimotorworks was one of the invitees this year. Jensen Oda flew in from Hawaii with Buda Suda to show some support and help Len wrap up his build. Great job guys the bike looked mean!

If it weren't for these two brothers right here the BBQ definitely wouldn't have been possible. Mike and his brother Alex are childhood friends of mine from El Paso, Texas. Mike put Bev and I up in his house for the week and drove us around. Alex kept us entertained and lent a helping hand during the prep for the BBQ. Stoked to have been able to spend quality time with these guys!
Overall this was an great trip and we really enjoyed ourselves. Much mahalo to all of my friends making all of this possible! Click HERE for more on the BF5 Show.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Stance and Shakas x Alohas Backyard BBQ Winter 2014

This was the view from the front yard of the Stance and Shakas x Alohas Backyard BBQ 

...and this was the view from the backyard

Downey and Jordan Kim aka @letsk8hi

Dennis, Kassia, and Downey

Kingman and Jeff

Nos and Chun

Don't burn the meat!

Gregg and Cory Kaplan ( Plate Lunch )

Jensen Oda ( HRDLCK )

Brian Wyland ( Wy's Gallery

 Chad Hiyakumoto (APB Skateshop)

 Beverly Guiang, Keanu Asing and Kailin Curran

 Noah and Malakai Montes

Big Mahalo to Ryan Kingman for always thinking of Shakas x Alohas when it comes to BBQ!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

RVCA Backyard BBQ Winter 2014

Big Mahalo to PM Tenore and the RVCA ohana for having the Shakas x Alohas and Blue Hawaii Surf ohana over to your guys annual winter BBQ on the North Shore! Dustin Barca prepping a mean uhu to go on the grill!

Nick Ramon and Steven Stinson

RVCA Advocates Nestor Judkins, Austin Stephens, Kelsey Brooks, Josh Harmony, and photographer John Bradford

Kevin Ancell

Dennis and Estevan Oriol

(All photos by: Jordan Kim @letsk8hi)