Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday night at SXA

SXA Dyson shining a light up thee Russ Pope "Grill" tees for Felem Skates in Japan! Mahalo Braddah Dys for your assistance, now you can go eat some Domino's Pizza and chicken wings that Bev just served up!!!
Tsuyoshi Nishiyama from Felem has an affection for orange shirts. He asked me to make a couple of orange tees for him along with his order of the Russ Pope "Grill" tees. Here you go Braddah!!! Personally I'm a S.F. Giants fan so I can dig this color way as well!!! We're less than a month away from "Opening Day" so I might just have to make a few extra of Tsuyoshi's colorway for my Ohana as well!!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SXA Mililani Skatepark BBQ

     On Tuesday evening we got together to have a small kine bbq / skate sesh for SXA Nick who was here with his girlfriend Heather for a lil' R&R. It was a nice cool eve and most of the SXA Ohana made it out including SXA Sancho who's been on the Big Island for the past couple weeks for his military obligations. Lots of ripping by the boys as usual and good food as well!

SXA Nick blastin'!

SXA Nick suckin' em after blastin'!

Look who it is! Braddah Jesse!

After a successful event at his Good Life Gallery Tattoo shop this past weekend Chun came down to have a few with the boys and get some skating in!

A family who drinks together stays together or something like that! Julie, Brixton, and SXA Dyson!

SXA Sancho's back from his training on the Big Island. From military duty to grill duty!

Just another cold evening in Mililani!

Monday, February 24, 2014

More coozies!

Enough coozies to house all of SXA Marlon's empty beer cans!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Michele!

Today we took a field trip out to Waikiki after spending the morning printing up some tees and coozies for Tsuyoshi from Felem. All the way to Waikiki I was thinking it was gonna be wet because it was over cast with a few sprinkles but it ended being really nice. Today is Sistah Michele's birthday so we had to come out and help her celebrate. Michele's our resident hula girl at Blue Hawaii Surf so maybe we can catch a small kine performance from her and her hula sistahs!

Is that Leonard's Malasada's on the left! I haven't had Leonard's in awhile and it wasn't going to happen today. Who kknows what kine deserts might get at Michele's birthday bbq!

Not too bad of a day in Waikiki. There was small kine puddles on the road on the way here but looks like the weather's gonna hold up. It's rained the past couple weekends so it's probably gonna be packed and no parking.

Found parking first crack and the weather is starting to clear up!

The birthday girl Michele and her pops Uncle Mike firing up the grill. This is my kinda birthday party! Now time to dig into the cooler!

One of the few historic sites left standing in Waikiki

You just don't see this type of sculpture work applied to architecture. 

Kaimana Beach Hotel in the background. Great place if you want to be far enough out of Waikiki, yet you can step out of the hotel and right on to the beach. Kapiolani Park is right out front and you can even take a 15-20 minute walk up to Diamond Head..

Diamond Head peaking out from behind the palms across the street at Kapiolani Park.

Had plenty bbq's today. Like I said before it's been raining every weekend for the past couple weekends so everyone like take advantage of the nice weather.

Santa Claus came to town!

Actually this braddah was awesome. Don't let the costume fool you. He and Michele played happy birthday to her together on his violin. Braddah was just out spreading aloha and putting smiles on everyone's face! Like I said don't let the costume fool ya!

Tris and Michele know how fo' bbq!

Teri beef, chicken, and some red Redondo's dogs what more could you ask for!

Fresh off the press and straight to the beach! The SXA Russ Pope coozie blended in nicely and it kept my beer cold!

Nice sunset!

Blue Hawaii Surf reunion! Tris, Casey, Cheyne, Michele, and Bev.

All pau time fo' go home now!

Sunday at the SXA Studio

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pau Hana Friday!

I know it's Saturday but I stay on "Hawaiian Time" okay! Anyways I was in Kaka'ako yesterday and I was gonna grab some Hawaiian Food from the new Highway Inn when I ran into Kevin Ancell. You can read the rest HERE!
Kevin Ancell painting his rendition of Braddah IZ for Pow Wow Hawaii 2014.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sending warmth your way!

This one is for all the SXA supporters out there who have been enduring the cold weather in the mainland and in Japan. Stay warm my friends warm weather is just around the corner!
Morning view is always the best view!

Diamond Head peaking out from behind the Monkey Pods.

The Magical Island in the distance.

Small but packed this morning. Ala Moana Beach Park

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekend Snapshot

Big B! Brian Takishita killing it at Kapolei!

Rick Montes, Jef Hartsel, and Bo Ikeda out at Kapolei this weekend!

Salty air at Mokuleia

Crystal clear and warm

We watched dozens of whales breaching about a hundreds yards past the break pretty much all day long.

Bare essentials