Monday, May 28, 2012

Braddah Russ BBQ

SXA Pau Hana / Aloha Friday BBQ

Here in Hawaii when the days over and it's time to relax we like to call it "Pau Hana" time. Meaning it's time to call it quits for the day and now it's time to relax and have a few of your favorite cold beverages and some pupus to top it off. The term Aloha Friday is referred to the end of the work week. Recently the SXA ohana held a BBQ for some friends visiting the isles from L.A. My friend David Miyataki who's a local braddah now residing in Los Angeles was in town with his friends and the company he works for now The Hundreds. For a couple of these guys they were here for the very first time in their life. For all of them it's the first time being here together as The Hundreds ohana. With that being said what better way to welcome them to Hawaii than with a proper Pau Hana / Aloha Friday BBQ at Magic Island. As usual the SXA ohana set up the tents at our usual spot, marinated some meats, fired up the grill, put some beers in the cooler, and prepared for a good time! Mahalos to Dyson the BBQ master, Rene, Ola, and Bass from FITTED, Dave, Scotty, Ashley, and Bobby from The Hundreds, the Blue Hawaii Surf ohana, and to all the SXA ohana for helping out and hanging around to talk story.

Monday, May 14, 2012

SF / Puerto Rico BBQ

A couple weeks back we had a few guest from out of town visiting us here in Hawaii. My childhood friend from El Paso Mike who has lived in San Francisco for the past 8 or so years stopped over to visit for 5 days and my friend Maria's parents the Galarza's were fresh off the plane from Puerto Rico. This was Mike's last day and he had a plane to catch only a couple hours after these photos were snapped. We put together a BBQ to wish him farewell as well as to welcome the Galarza's to our beautiful island. Prior to the BBQ we took Mike on a bike ride from Ala Mo to Diamond Head and back fueled by Keystone Light and Gasolina (think Caprisun in a package but Vodka, Tequilla, Rum, fruitpunch, etc. made in Puerto Rico)! The SXA ohana really know's how to show our guest a good time. Check out our Hawaii x Destroy site for the antics that went on while Mike was in town. Pure craziness!

That's Mike in the red shirt! He's a huge fan of Chingo Bling!
Malia and Gavin
Camera shy


The Galarza's and their grandson Chugmeister!

Momma Chmolack and fam

Congratulations Bev!

I know this isn't a BBQ related post but to some extent it is. This is Bev my girl and best friend. She's the one who inspired me to turn SXA into reality. She's the reason I'm a little on the heavy side due to her amazing cooking. This past weekend Bev realized her own dreams and graduated from the school of Travel Industry Management at the University of Hawaii at Manoa! It took awhile but nonetheless she stuck with it. Now that she's done with school she can get back to helping me prepare for all the BBQ's we will be putting on this summer!

Happy 28th Dyson!

Happy Birthday to one good braddah! Sorry I posted this up so late. His actual Birthday was last Wednesday May 9th. Better late than never!

Happy Mother's Day