Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kyle's 38th

This past Saturday we headed over to Nos' house to watch the Penn vs. Diaz fight and celebrate Kyle's 38th birthday. The fights were aight and our boy BJ lost by unanimous decision and then retired right after. What we going do now? Now all the local people got nobody fo root for unless Reagan Penn steps up and fills his braddahs shoes! It was a good time nonetheless celebrating braddah Kyle's birthday with all da boys. Everybody had only one beer and a shot of water so it was all good in the end. Happy b-day braddah Kyle!


sashimi, turkey tails, roast pork, charsiu, steak, bbq chicken, pumpkin pie, cookies, etc.

Da birthday Boy!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The "Shaka Press" makes it's debut!

It's been since June that I finished the "Shaka Press". My original intention was to have the first tees printed in time for our summer bbq's out at Magic Island by the end of June but ran into a few obstacles along the way. After watching Youtube about a hundred times on how to coat and burn the image onto a screen I pretty much failed about 5 times. After going through a whole container of emulsion and ruining the very first screen, I bought a new batch of emulsion to see if that was the problem. Low and behold I was finally able to wash out the image the very first try. All along there was something wrong with the initial batch of emulsion and it wasn't my incompetence that was holding back my progress. Once I got the screen done I called all the friends to come down with some tees and beers and let them print their own. Everybody was psyched on the process! The drying process on the other hand wasn't quite as successful. We used a heat gun from Marlon's paint shop but didn't know how long to dry the tees for. I found out a couple days later when all my white laundry had black ink all over it that we didn't dry it long enough!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Humble Soul

Taking your plan and making something out of it

The plan

From idea, to inspiration, now for the plan. This is only part of the plan mind you but nonetheless this is a D.I.Y. project first and foremost.

Some inspiration behind the idea

With any legit concept you have to have some inspiration for what it is that you are doing. In this case the inspiration comes from the act of grilling with your family and friends while doing what you love to do.

The begining of an idea

As with any other project, concept, or whatever it is that comes to reality one has to have an idea. This idea came about back in 2007 and here we are in 2011. What took so long? Alot of self doubt? The lack of commitment or dedication? Laziness? All of the above? Whatever the case something lit a fire under my ass and the ball got rolling.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Speed Merchant

Just got a package in the mail from Brandon Holstein of Brawny Built and The Speed Merchant. Brawny is a local boy from Mililani who now resides in the LBC building custom bikes. Recently he and some of his homies started the Speed Merchant making and selling functional and very innovative products for Sporty's and cafe style race bikes. Big mahalos out to Brawny for the goods, psyched on the ringer tee!!!

Church of Choppers

Just recieved some goods in the mail from CoC. Check them out HERE!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Custom Leather by Death Machine Corpse

Big mahalos to Kyle of Death Machine Corpse. Kyle handmade this Shakas
x Alohas belt for me. 100% handcrafted in Hawaii.