Friday, December 27, 2013

Mele Kalikimaka from the SXA Ohana!

Adding wood chips are a necessity to smoking a turkey. Also place a pan half full of water to catch any drippings so that you don't get a constant flame going that will burn your turkey.

This was an 11 pound tukey about an hour in. Gotta make sure you keep the lid closed so that the temp can get up to about 300-350 degrees. Had to add more coals at this point. Ain't nothing like SXA BBQ'd turkey!!!

I was expecting for the turkey to be on the grill for about 3 hours like the one I did for  Thanksgiving. Instead it only took two hours and this was the result. Tender and juicy with a smokey flavor. 

You guys ready for kanak attack time! Kale salad, mac salad, ling hing mui fruits, humus wraps, potato salad, flaky rolls, mashed taters, red rice, and some ham. Oh and I forgot had some white rice inside the house but nobody never eat any because had to much other good stuffs!

SXA Chug approved!

SXA Malia approved!

SXA Maria and Marlon Approved!

SXA Ohana approved!

SXA Coco and her puppy purse approved!

SXA Lohi and Pnut approved!

Mele kalikimaka from the Shakas x Alohas Ohana!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Monday Night BBQ with Downy!

Downey's a Mililani boy who moved to Vegas a couple 4/5 years back. Braddah was stoked to come home to some SXA short ribs!

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle!

Cheers and beers from the SXA Studio!

Kaimana Backyard BBQ with Kingman!

SXA marinated short ribs and chicken... check!

Necessary BBQ supplies... check!

SXA Bev checking the weather forecast on her iPhone! We's about to get this BBQ started!

SXA short ribs on the grill as requested by Mr. Ryan Kingman!

Braddah enjoyed the SXA short ribs so much that he couldn't stop grinding even though he said he was full!

Friday, December 20, 2013

SXA Irons in time for Christmas

     Lastnight I stayed up pretty late printing the rest of these SXA Irons tees to fill orders in time for Christmas. I always get a kick out of the thought that I'm still printing my tees one at a time on a machine I built a couple years back with the help of Braddah Marlon. I scoured the internet looking for blueprints or ideas on how to build a press. After finding a couple of different ideas I drew up a plan and went to work on it immediately. For those of you who own an SXA tee you now know that you have something that was handscreened from me for you. I appreciate your support very much and hope you find joy in wearing your SXA tee as much as I find satisfaction in printing these for you! If you are looking to purchase that last minute gift for your dad, grandpa, uncle or yourself you can contact me at and I will help save you time from fighting traffic, circling for parking, and fighting the holiday crowds in order to find a gift!!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hula Girl Backyard BBQ Tattoo by Death Machine

Last night I got tattooed by one of my good friends Kyle Yanagimoto. He's been putting in time and studying the art of tattooing with a passion. We had talked about me getting tattooed but I didn't know what to get. I don't have many tattoos and I usually let the artist decide what their specialty is. Kyle knowing how much I love Hawaii and wanted to do something with a Hawaii theme. As we got closer to the day to get work done I decided I wanted to do a hula girl BBQ'n with Diamond Head in the background. Inspired by all the BBQ's we've had with Braddah Marlon and our families and friends at Magic Island.

Inspired artwork and Kyle's version.

Ryan Chun is the owner of Good Life Gallery Tattoo in Mililani. I've worked with Ryan at Blue Hawaii Surf ever since he was a youngster. He was even on our Eighty Four Skate Team. Now he's all grown up kinda and has his own shop and his own team! Mahalo Braddah Ryan for letting us use your spot!

This was at about the half way point maybe an hour in. Not bad, not bad at t'all!

Big B giving SXA Dyson some tips on flash art.

Big B Brian Takishita has been tattooing for years and was one of the founders of 808 Tattoo in Kaneohe. He's since moved on and now works out of Skin Deep Tattoo in Waikiki. Big B came by too help give Kyle some guidance and advice on technique. So stoked to have these two guys working together on my hula girl!

Big B giving some tips on shading techniques.

A couple hours later and pau for the night. There's still a little bit of shading and color to be done but so far I think Kyle did a great job on my hula girl! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stance Backyard BBQ Event Tee and Sock

     For the Stance Backyard BBQ on the North Shore we did a fun little project to give out to some of the friends who came out to the BBQ. Russ Pope designed the artwork for the tee and I printed it out back at the SXA Studio. Russ' has a way of keeping things fun and that holds true on the art he did for the tee. Mahalo Russ! Kingman had a small run of Stance socks printed out before he came out to Hawaii for the event. I can't even express how honored and grateful I am to have been a part of this fun BBQ with Kingman and Nos from Stance. Once again mahalo to my SXA Ohana for the support!

Front left chest print for the Stance Backyard BBQ tee.

Stance Backyard BBQ design up close.

Stance Backyard BBQ tee from the back.

Russ Pope killed it on the grill design. 

The first ever Shakas x Alohas Stance socks. Big mahalo to Ryan Kingman for this one.

SXA "Black Shaka" trucker hat, "Black Shaka" tee, and "Black Shaka" Stance Socks.

SXA x Stance Backyard BBQ North Shore, Oahu 2013

     Big Mahalos to Ryan Kingman and Nos of Stance for choosing Shakas x Alohas to BBQ for them and their Stance Ohana on the North Shore. The BBQ took place in between days of the Pipe Masters for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing which was perfect. No contest, no traffic, beautiful weather, and an amazing view from the backyard of the Fox house! Stoked we were able to share our local style BBQ experience with our friends from the mainland and from abroad! Big time props to the SXA crew Dyson and Ike Ramones who killed it on the grill and kept everybody stoked and coming back for more!

This was the view of our work space for the evening. Log Cabins from the backyard.

The calm before the chaos! SXA Dyson and Ike prepping to BBQ for "choke" (plenty) people!

SXA grills getting ready to do some serious BBQ'n!

SXA Dyson multi tasking between the SXA Kabobs and the SXA Shortribs!

Right about this time was when everyone started to show up. It's amazing how people know when to show up which is right around the time the first batch was coming off the grill!

Chee! Local style BBQ calls for a local style attire! This was Ike's first time doing a BBQ this big. Braddah killed it on the grill! 

SXA Dyson trying to keep it together literally. My grill is so old the wheels kept falling off! No matter because the shortribs was ono. The more beer Dyson drinks the better the food gets!

Stoked to "talk story" with Mitch Abshere (Capt.Fin)!

Kid Creature gave the SXA crew a thumbs up on the ono BBQ! 

Good braddahs right here! Ryan Kingman, Russ Pope, Kyle Yanagimoto, and Nos

Can't say how much I appreciate Russ Pope's support of Shakas x Alohas! Big Mahalos to my boys SXA Dyson and Ike for helping to make the Stance Backyard BBQ a success!