Saturday, November 1, 2014

Russ Pope

Russ Pope has been around for a long time and done so much for skateboarders and skateboarding. Not to mention he's also an amazing artist and human being. Mahalo for supporting SXA Russ!!! You can check out Russ' art at and you can get your SXA Trucker Hat HERE!

Thirsty Nick!

Thirsty Nick? Hell yeah! Get your SXA Trucker Hat HERE!

Gary Owens

Gary Owens aka G.O. of Royal Hawaiian Pool Service. Always appreciative to have one of Hawaii's O.G. Skateboarders supporting SXA. You can get your SXA Trucker Hat HERE!

SXA on the Gram

Mahalo to everyone who continues to support and show love for SXA! I truly appreciate it! If you're looking for something original and made in Hawaii, you can do so HERE! Mahalo for your support!!!

Beardo's FXR

Davey Beardo's FXR in Hollister, CA. Davey said every time he rides his FXR he gets hungry for some reason! Mahalo for supporting SXA braddah Davey! When out riding don't forget to stop and eat. Remind yourself with an SXA decal that you can get HERE!

SXA Multipurpose Patches

Awhile back I got a request from my friend Nelson Kanno to make some SXA patches for his kimonos. Nelson is all about supporting Hawaii being that he's from Mililani and has been living in Long Beach, CA for the past 10 + years now. Finally after putting this project I aside, I got them done! It was a bit time consuming having to measure out the canvas, cut the canvas to size, individually screen each patch, and then finish up the edges with some adhesive. I must say that when all was said and done that I was really pleased with the end result! I hope everyone that got one is stoked on them as well. If you'd like to purchase one of these d.i.y. patches made here in Hawaii you can do so HERE! 

Nelson & Renzo

Renzo Gracie and Nelson Kanno at the 2014 World Jiu-Jitsu Expo in Long Beach, CA.