Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yong Ki Chang and Jeff Hartsel on

Came across this article morning of Yong Ki Chang of Solitary Arts and Jeff Hartsel on Mahalo for the love Yong Ki and Jeff!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Kai and Malia!

Man am I getting old! My oldest son Kai just turned 20 and my youngest daughter Malia just turned 13. Growning up my son Kai played soccer, baseball, raced BMX, rode dirtbike, and skateboarded. I tried to get him into surfing when he was young but he just didn't like the water at all. It seemed at the time that he was going to pursue baseball because that's what he stuck to the longest. I think about 19 year old Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals) and 20 year old Mike Trout (Anaheim Angels) 2 rookie All Stars when I think about Kai being 20. Kai was playing ball at the same time as them but decided to take a different route. Being that he's a local kid, Kai is doing exactly what I was doing at his age and spending the majority of his time in the water surfing. Dawn patrol, lunch patrol, and evening sesh. Surf, surf, and more surf. I must say though on this particular day of his and Malia's birthday bbq that I watched him surf and he's getting pretty good. Not as good as I was back in the day (hahaha) but almost! I haven't seen him get barelled yet! As for my daughter Malia she's growing up faster than fast. Her passion right now is in dancing. She's all into the hip hop dance thing. Something I was into when I was 13 way back in the early 80's. It's pretty funny to think that I use to pop and lock and shock and do the worm and the wave at Wahiawa Intermediate! However judging by Malia's performance a week ago she's going to be better than I ever was. Being that she's pretty shy for the most part it seems like that all goes away when she's dancing. It's crazy to see both my kids interested in the things I was at their age. If this keeps up both of them will be doing the same thing I'm doing now and that's bbq-ing with their kids and their friends at Magic Island in 20 years!

Naz Kawakami

First off I'd like to start by saying congratulations to Naz Kawakami! Naz just graduated from Kalani High School and will now be pursuing his professional skateboarding career! Hahaha just kidding...maybe!!! Naz is the son of the world famous Mark Kawakami. For those of you who don't know, Mark is a man of many talents. Former Northshore Lifeguard, musician , master craftsman in cabinetry and wood working, skateboarder, story teller, and he has a great sense of humor. As you can see with a father like Mark, Naz should have know worries in figuring out what it is he's gonna do for the rest of his life. Mark has laid down a good solid foundation for him to build upon and has exposed him to everything anything that is cool. Congrats again Naz and Mark!!! Sorry we were late for the BBQ!!!

Sweet Home Waimanalo!

Monday, July 2, 2012

SXA Kapolei Backyard BBQ

This past Saturday SXA brought the BBQ setup from our backyard of the beach to the backyard of the Kapolei Skatepark. Along with Vans, Blue Hawaii Surf, and Eighty Four Skate Co. we sparked up the grill and rolled in the coolers for all the skateboarders and Kapolei Ohana. 18 pounds of chicken, 80 hamburgers, 100 hotdogs, and coolers fool of drinks pretty much took care of everyone who came out. Ben and Geoff from Vans did an excellent job of making the Kapolei BBQ BBQ a success. Also props to Kyle (Death Machine), Jeff (Medium Fits), Holo and Louie (Ciren Skateboards), and all who showed up to help us in making this a good time!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Speed Merchant @ Born Free 4

Congrats to Brawny and The Speed Merchant crew on their accomplishments at Born Free 4. Support The Speed Merchant!