Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

SXA 49er Backyard BBQ!

Week 2 of the young NFL season and my beloved Niners were taking on the up and coming Detroit Lions. End result....good food, good beer, fam, friends, aloha, and the Niners are on a roll!!! This goes out to all my Cowboy friends!
SXA Charsiu / Teri Beef!
This is were it all begins. A BMX bike and a grill, next thing you know you're on a motorcycle drinking with your friends and throwing your own backyard BBQ!
SXA Mililani Backyard BBQ!

SXA Kelan and SXA"Black Dog"!
SXA Ohana!
SXA Coco!
SXA Oysters!
SXA Backyard golf!

Friday, September 14, 2012

SXA Backyard BBQ in Mililani

Mililani is to Hawaii what Long Beach is to So Cal. Especially when it comes to skateboarding. There's a lot of humble underground talent who have quietly made an impact far outside of Hawaii whether it be from skateboarding, music, building motorcycles, surfing, or whatevs. Some of my favs that come to mind are Dyson Ramones, Jarold Webb, Sancho, Darin Lee, Ian Okui, Emil Lacuesta, and Willy Fruean. This past Tuesday we held an SXA BBQ at the Mililani Skatepark for my friend Rex Sakamoto who now lives in Oregon as well as for Marshy as he makes his way to the OC to further pursue his tattoo career.

Dyson and The Marsh Man!
The BBQ was just to be a small kine midweek pupu kine shin dig for these guys but it ended up being a little bigger than we thought. When I showed up to the park it was completely full and there was no parking. When I asked what was going on my friend told me that everyone was here for the BBQ. WTF? I wasn't prepared for this! It seems that some of the younger homies got excited and spread the word via FB and other social media avenues. In the end we were able to feed almost eveyone. Some more than others but it's all good. I heard the term "No aku birds" yelled out at one point and had to laugh! Goodtimes as usual!

SXA Delroy!
SXA's newest member Braddah Keegs aka Keegan Sakamoto. This braddah is gonna rip on a skateboard or maybe even a surfboard when he grows up. His daddy and his Uncle Basil are both rippers!

This was all I prepared for the hundreds of people that showed up for the BBQ. Everybody had to share one stick!
It almost turned out to be an SXA camping sesh as you can see by the blankets in the background. Big mahalos to Kellie Cabral for showing face. Kellie was visiting from SF and heard stories about how ono the food was from the SXA BBQ so she decided to stop in and see for her self! Have a safe trip back Kellie!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Russ Pope / SXA / New York

Lucky to have good friends like Russ!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

SXA "Pre Labor Day Backyard BBQ"

Had some friends in town this past weekend so we had to give them a Welcome to Hawaii BBQ. Nick was back from Long Beach for the Labor Day weekend and my friend Andy Davis was here for his artshow at the Greenroom Gallery. On top of that it was going to be way to crowded to BBQ the next day (Labor Day). Didn't matter though because it was crowded anyways. Regardless everybody had a goodtime. A bunch of friends showed up late but we managed to feed everybody and send em home happy! Mahalo to my sister Nicole for bringing the sangria! Also mahalo to Andy for stopping by and hanging out for a bit. I know you had a busy weekend with your show which was GREAT by the way. "Tanks eh to all da boys for packing everything up and putting em in da van! First time I nevah have to lift a finger aftah I pau BBQ all da food!"

Andy Davis watching over the chicken and teri beef while talking story with Val from the Greenroom Hawaii!
Couldn't BBQ the chicken fast enough. Gotta buy bigger grill I think so!
The groms Darian and Shilo
Actually had waves, Marsh Slater, Nick, Dyson, Dennis, and Sancho wen "Pu in Sai!"
Pat from Ohio and Braddah Ed stopped by to sample some of the SXA BBQ!
What! This was a first we actually had a wahine (Jordain) running the grill! Bacon wrapped mushrooms were ono from what I heard!

SXA all time favorites Marlon and Maria Warren!
SXA Ohana!