Monday, December 29, 2014

Jef Hartsel

If you were a skateboarder during the 80's and into the early 90's, then chances are you know of Jef Hartsel. I've come to know Hartsel over the past 20 + years dating back to when I used to work at Island Snow back in 92' where I first met him. He's been a big influence on me and other skateboarders young and old here in Hawaii. Besides being an amazing skateboarder and artist Hartsel is also a dad and spends most of his days raising his son Nainoa along with his beautful wife Eri. I recently caught up with Hartsel this past weekend at Kapolei which is where we usually end up bumping into each other. I noticed he was still wearing the same SXA trucker hat I gave him some time last year and it really made me feel good about what it is that I'm doing. Big mahalo Hartsel for being a friend and supporting Shakas x Alohas!!!